Global Ethic Foundation


For more than 20 years the Global Ethic Foundation has been active with intercultural and interfaith research, education and interaction. The foundation works at many levels of society in the fields of religious multiculturalism, diversity, education, economy, culture and sports.


1990 Publication of the German-language book Projekt Weltethos (Global Ethic Project) by the Swiss theologian Hans Küng, who lives in Tübingen Germany. In this book he developed the idea that the world’s religions would only be able to contribute to peace and the welfare of society if they could establish and convey a basic set of common values.

1993 6,500 people from various religions convened for the second Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, a hundred years after the first Parliament in 1893. They adopted the Declaration Toward a Global Ethic, which was drafted by Hans Küng, in consultation with scholars from different religions. With this declaration they agreed on the principles of humane treatment of all people, The Golden Rule of reciprocity, as well as the core values of non-violence, justice, integrity and partnership. The document was signed by over 200 religious representatives, most notably the 14th Dalai Lama.

1995 Karl Konrad von der Groeben, a count and business person, provided a generous sum towards supporting and spreading the Global Ethic idea, which included founding the Global Ethic Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to teach intercultural competencies in order to promote dialogue, cooperation and peace among religions and cultures and to spread ethical values in different areas of our society. The foundation conducted basic research and with its partners conceptualized and realized various projects around the world concerning diverse issues at all levels of society (see also Our Goals).

2012 The foundation established the Global Ethic Institute at the University of Tübingen in Germany. Funded by the Karl Schlecht Foundation, the institute addresses issues concerning globalization and economic ethics through research and teaching.

The Global Ethic Foundation is a secular non-profit organization. Today there are many partner foundations, initiatives and cooperation projects worldwide (see International Projects)