Global Ethic Foundation


The Global Ethic Initiative Austria (IWEO) is primarily active in the area of general education, but is also involved in scientific pursuits.


The work of this initiative, which was founded and is led by Professor Edith Riether, is focused on spreading the Global Ethic programme Different Yet The Same in preschools. Through this programme, which was developed in Vienna, preschool children playfully learn the basic value of togetherness. This project is being spread throughout Austria by ongoing seminars and trainings at various federal institutes for early childhood education.

The IWEO is being promoted by the “Ethics Dialog Forum”, among other things, which encourages intercultural and interfaith dialogue based on the Global Ethic idea. Here, religious representatives and atheists can work together to establish their positions regarding current issues.

Since 2005, the initiative has been active in the intellectual arena primarily with a series of lectures at various universities in Vienna, where the Global Ethic concept engages with academic and societal issues.

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In addition to and independent from IWEO, is the Innsbruck Forum to Promote the Global Ethic Project, led by Prof. Helmut Reinalter, which puts on regular symposiums and lecture series.