Global Ethic Foundation


The Global Ethic Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina aims to support the local ethnic and religious groups in reconciliation and living together when faced with the ongoing difficult sociopolitical situation. They do this by working in schools and in political education.


Since 2015, Global Ethic trainings for teachers from various types of schools and in different cities have been continually offered in cooperation with the local TPO Foundation. A Global Ethic Handbook and two series of materials have been developed for the lessons in the national language. The exhibit World Religions - Universal Peace - Global Ethic was also translated into Bosnian. In order to help the Global Ethic project take root long-term, a training program was created which enables teachers to train others in Global Ethics themselves, thereby disseminating and multiplying efforts.

In 2016, for the first time a “political academy” with the theme of Global Ethics as a Platform for the Creation of a New Political Culture took place in Bosnia. 25 young politicians from various parties participated.

The Global Ethic project in Bosnia-Herzegovina was financed by the German and Swiss Global Ethic foundations until 2016. Since then the project has primarily received content support from the Global Ethic Foundation.