Global Ethic Foundation


With the Friedolin youth book prize, the Global Ethic Foundation honors books which deal with key aspects of the Global Ethic idea in an original and convincing way.


This book prize aims to arouse interest and thereby raise awareness among young readers of themes such as tolerance, solidarity and integrity. The prize-winning books focus on the discovery and experience of similarities and the meaning of morality. The award includes a prize of €4,000 and has been given to the following authors:


Maja Nielsen: Tatort Eden 1919

(Gerstenberg Verlag, 2018)

Berlin around 1919 and the Berlin of today: The story starts in 2015 when the 17-year-old Biko arrives in the capital, to begin his training at a famous art school. An old suitcase in the art school takes him almost 100 years back to an eventful time in Berlin - the time after the First World War, the time of the November Revolution with the murder of Rosa Luxemburg.

Radik Schami: Sami un der Wunsch nach Freiheit

(Beltz & Gelberg, 2017)

Rafik Shamis novel tells stories and anecdotes of the two boys Sami and Scharif and their adventurous life in the alleys of Damascus. The desire for freedom under the Syrian dictatorship and the uprising during the Arab Spring shape the story and the fate of the two friends.

Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely: All American Boys
(Simon & Schuster, 2015)

Rashad, a sixteen year old black boy, is suspected of theft. Quinn, a white teenager, witnessed the alleged theft and is now confronted with the challenge of informing authorities of what he observed and the random racism of a white police officer.

Erin Jade Lange: Dead Ends
(Bloomsbury, 2013)

Dane is on the brink of being expelled from school due to his violent tendencies. He then befriends Billy D., a boy with mild Down Syndrome who’s new in town. Together they go on a cross-country search for Billy’s father.

Peer Martin: Sommer unter schwarzen Flügeln / Summer Among Black Wings
(German only, Oetinger-Verlag, 2015)

Nuri and her family have fled Syria and landed in a home for refugees in Germany. She then meets Calvin, a member of a right wing youth gang which strong views against asylum seekers. A love story develops between this unlikely pair.