Global Ethic Foundation


Since 2016 the Global Ethic Foundation has managed the content and carried out the practical arrangements for a Geocaching station as part of a project for educationally disadvantaged children and youth.


Within the framework of this project, kids between the ages of 7 and 13 set out in search of players, evidence and traces of common (cultural) values in the Reutlingen-Tübingen region in Germany. In five missions and together as a group, the kids playfully look at values such as respect for life, nature and the environment, ethics, education and cultural identity. They document their experience by filming their own short video with a tablet.

In this way the kids gain access to extracurricular activities which they would not otherwise be offered due to their educational disadvantage. They get the opportunity to broaden the horizons of their knowledge and experience in the areas of cultural diversity and thereby strengthen their capacity for empathy towards other cultures. They also gain competence in using a tablet by making the short video.

This project is carried out by the booster club (Förderverein) of the Erich Kästner School in Reutlingen Germany and the Werkstatt für Eigenarbeit e.V. in Tübingen Germany.