Global Ethic Foundation


Since 2015 the Global Ethic Foundation has organized the Global Ethic Poetry Slam. Well-known slammers and newcomers tackle current issues facing society in a creative way and in terms of the Global Ethic project.


Poetry slams are poetry contests and have been popular around the world since the 1990s. Participants have a certain time limit to read their own poetry in front of an audience, who then choose a winner. These events, with their performative elements, are an entertaining live experience.

At the Global Ethic Poetry Slam, the Global Ethic Foundation offers nationally-known slammers as well as aspiring artists (poets, cabaret artists, writers, rappers, etc.) a stage for their work, thoughts and feelings. Notable guests have included stars from the German-language slammer scene such as Yasmin Hafedh (Austrian Champion), Philipp Herold (Rap-Slam Champion 2014) and Stefan Unser (Baden-Württemberg State Champion 2016). Previous slams:

2016: Stereotypes
Whiz kid Jean-Philippe Kindler impressed the crowd with his piece “Sand”, about questionable ideals and true beauty.

2015: Being Human
Former champion Yasmin Hafedh captivated the audience with her piece “Packing My Suitcase” about arrogance, ignorance, and humanity: a plea for lively dialogue in society and human fallibility.