Global Ethic Foundation


In cooperation with schools, civic organizations and academic institutions, the Global Ethic Foundation is highly involved with education in Hong Kong.


From 2009 to 2016, an educational project with the aim of integrating global ethics into the school system in Hong Kong took place. A total of 23 schools, both private and public, participated in this pilot project.

In 2016 the second  phase of the educational project Integrating Global Ethics into Education was completed. A two-volume handbook for use in elementary and high schools was created, and with over 400 pages offers lesson materials in ethics and civic education. These handbooks are available at all 1,004 elementary and high schools in Hong Kong. An accompanying website was created as well which allows teachers to access the material (Chinese only:

The entire project was financed by the Hong Kong government though their Quality Education Fund, and up to and including 2016 was co-financed by the German and Swiss Global Ethic Foundations.

The Global Ethic Foundation cooperates locally with the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (ISCS), The Education University of Hong Kong (formerly Hong Kong Institute of Education) and the Roundtable Foundation.