Global Ethic Foundation


The Global Ethic Foundation has been active with a project in India since 2015. In cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Indian SREI Foundation, a new school subject dealing with the Global Ethic values has been established.


Inspired by the foundation’s German teaching materials and in cooperation with the Global Ethic Foundation, the SREI Foundation developed an independent educational concept to impart the Global Ethic values in schools. The needs of Indian society and the requirements of the Indian school system were all taken into account when developing the curriculum. In 2016 the Global Ethic theme was introduced as its own subject in the 4th through 8th grades, while 8th through 12th graders expand on the ideas through individual project work. The Srihari Global School in Asanol, West Bengal is the pilot school.

Students are not only working on the Global Ethic subject at school, but also its implementation into everyday society. This holistic approach includes the students being in contact with other schools, so that a virtual intercultural exchange can take place worldwide. The ever-growing network of schools participating in the Global Ethic project offers potential exchange partners.

The Global Ethic subject will be established at the Srihari Global School as well as other schools in India. The SREI Foundation is responsible for the coordination, and works in close communication with the Global Ethic Foundation in Germany.