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The Global Ethic Foundation has a comprehensive range of teaching materials for various areas of education and age groups, all available in the foundation’s online shop.


A Global Ethic Now! A learning platform from the Global Ethic Foundation
Languages: English, German, French

This virtual learning platform offers basic information about world religions, their message and development and their common ethos. At the same time they raise awareness of ethical questions: How can ethical responsibility be achieved, even in such difficult areas as politics or the economy? A Global Ethic Now! offers orientation know-how to help find one’s way with these and other ethically relevant questions.
An offline version of the learning platform is available as a USB card. (in English, German and French)

Tracing The Way - a documentary film by and about Hans Küng
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish

Hans Küng and Stephan Schlensog worked for many years on a comprehensive multimedia project about world religions today. The major religious traditions of the world are at the core of the seven-part film Tracing the Way (German title Spurensuche. Die Weltreligionen auf dem Weg): Indigenous religions, Chinese religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The documentary is available as a seven DVD set.

There’s also a book based both in structure and content on the film: Tracing the Way. Spiritual Dimensions of the World Religions (Continuum, London/New York 2002).

Additionally, there’s a German language multimedia tutorial Spurensuche which expands on themes in the film (available as a USB card, German only)

Global Ethics for 4-8 year olds
Languages: English, German

These teaching materials can be used to make preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children aware of global ethics topics in an age-appropriate way. They offer a variety of ways to implement ethical principles such as justice, non-violence, partnership and truthfulness. Each of these four principles can be implemented using four didactical building blocks - one foundation block and three additional blocks, as well as concrete methodical implementation aids. These materials offer teachers versatile applications to use in the classroom.

The German version contains two data CDs and worksheets for students, accompanying information for teachers and more than seventy pieces of music. A clear and simple filing system allows for easy use of the materials.

Download the English version here.

Further materials in other languages

Language: Bosnian
These materials have been developed in cooperation with the Global Ethic Foundation.

A two volume Global Ethic Handbook was developed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to be used primarily in schools.

For further information please contact the TPO Foundation:

Language: Chinese
In Hong Kong two volumes of materials have been developed for the subjects Liberal Studies and Moral, Civic and National Education. Based on global ethics principles, they offer a wealth of lesson material for use in ethics and civics education. Forty lesson projects illustrate current ethical and societal issues. Both volumes (each over 400 pages) are being used in all elementary and high schools in Hong Kong.

For further information please contact the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (Dr. Daniel Yeung):

Language: English
In India a separate school subject, Global Ethic, has been developed and introduced. It is being studied by children from 4th grade up until their high school graduation. The subject offers not only lessons in the classroom and projects, but also online exchanges with other schools around the world. The teaching materials were modeled on the German materials developed for 4-8 year olds.

Download the Indian teaching materials here.