Global Ethic Foundation

Our Goals


The Global Ethic Foundation’s work involves intercultural and interfaith research, education and interaction. The goal is to teach intercultural and ethical skills to promote dialogue, cooperation and peace between religions and cultures.



Over the years Hans Küng and his staff, along with numerous scientists from various fields, have produced a wide range of scientific publications on the subject of global ethics. These include essential works about world religions in the fields of religious studies and theology as well as publications about ethical issues in education, politics, economy and law. Some of these publications are available in the foundation’s online shop.

The German Football Association developed a programme called Fair is More (German: Fair ist mehr), with a wide variety of preventive and intervention measures so that players, coaches, supervisors and others in charge can be made aware of and trained in these issues. This programme contains measures for early recognition and intervention, and offers a variety of counseling and support for participants and clubs, as well as helping to organize Fair Play tournaments. A highlight of every year which gets much media attention is when players are honored for being fair play role models. 165,000 teams and 25,500 clubs are the target audience for this programme.

In addition to these activities, the Global Ethic Foundation cooperates with the German Olympic Sports Association and the National Handball League’s youth team called Frischauf! Göppingen.



The foundation’s education work focuses on educational media, courses and lectures both for academics and the general public, primarily in German-speaking countries. Advanced training courses are also offered for education professionals as well as professionals in fields where intercultural and ethical issues are relevant. The education work is enhanced by activities in the media as well as a presence on Youtube and social media networks.



The Global Ethic Foundation has initiated encounter projects on several levels - local, national and international - and supports similar initiatives through expertise and with materials. They advise politicians in intercultural matters and with the conception and realization of encounter and dialogue projects.

Further details about individual activities can be found on the "Our Projects"-page