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Round Tables of Religions: a suggestion from the Global Ethic Foundation is being promoted by political authorities in Germany and Belgium. An encouraging example also for other regions or cities!

Round Tables of Religions

A Round Table or Council of Religions in a city is a regular and representative structure for communication between the municipality and the religious communities. Representatives of the religious communities and of the municipality meet to share common concerns, to discuss issues of local life and eventually to solve conflicts. The mutual trust built up in such a Council can prevent dispute and conflict from breaking out. The Global Ethic Foundation is convinced that such a structure helps to establish and safeguard mutual understanding and peace in the city, as religious communities are important components of civil society. Councils of Religions have been existing in the UK for many years, and they are also working in some cities in Germany.

In the German federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg, the Minister of Social Affairs and Integration convened a Round Table of Religions on the State level in May 2017. Among its 50 members, also the Global Ethic Foundation holds 2 permanent seats. Taking up a suggestion from the Global Ethic Foundation, the Minister launched a programme to establish Councils of Religions in at least ten more cities of Baden-Wurttemberg by the end of 2019. He mandated the Global Ethic Foundation to consult the municipalities that have joined the programme.

In Belgium, the government of the German-speaking region of East Belgium also convened a Round Table of Religions for the region in November 2017. Here also the Global Ethic Foundation was mandated to accompany as a consultant the work of the Round Table.