Global Ethic Foundation


What happens when two strangers look into each other’s eyes for two minutes without speaking? This is the question guiding the Eye Contact Experiment since 2016.


With the motto “We all have something in common” this experiment enables two people, strangers up until that point, to share a silent moment. This shifts the focus and awareness back to the connection, and places language barriers and prejudices in the background.

Since this experiment premiered in 2016 at the political Ract! festival in Tübingen Germany, the reactions from participants have been overwhelmingly positive. What they experience, which is often very emotional, leads to an open attitude towards the “other”. This allows for encounters to take place at a fundamental level in a very short time, beyond the limits of religion and culture.

The Eye Contact Experiment has also been incorporated into other educational projects of the Global Ethic Foundation, such as the World Lab. In this way the project’s motto is expanding into ever-widening circles.