Global Ethic Foundation


Since 2016, the Global Ethic Foundation has been collaborating with the police department of Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, on the project Watch Out?! in order to prevent extremism and radicalization in Germany.


The aim of the Watch Out?! project is to make young people and adults alike aware of issues such as populism, extremism, and radicalization. The project works not only by giving information, but also focuses on strengthening one’s own character. By purposefully confronting other ideologies and ways of life in different project modules, the participants are encouraged to actively examine where they stand. This ultimately leads to acceptance of and appreciation for diversity, and a place where seemingly polarized views can meet.

The project has various offers for youth, education professionals and adults. The different modules can be put together in preferred combinations as needed. Watch Out?! is sponsored by the European Union as a prevention project.

Further information can be found at the project website of the Ludwigsburg Police (German only) at