Global Ethic Foundation

What’s Up?

In cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Center for Political Education and the BW Foundation, the Global Ethic Foundation is engaged in democracy education in Germany.

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Democracy is not a given. This basic assumption of political education is more relevant today than ever before. Due to new conflicts around cultural identity, social tensions have arisen which are expressed in polarizations both in public and private spheres: Which different lifestyles, value orientations, institutions or accomplishments are recognized? What kind of marginalization or exclusion is happening?

Political debates, when they happen at all, are increasingly emotional. At the same time there is a huge lack of awareness and opinions are being arbitrarily formed. Social tensions, international terrorism, a worldwide flow of refugees and migrants, and changing media use habits all create new challenges for liberal democracies.

As political and ethical education institutes, the partners working on this project pose the questions of how democracy can be effectively anchored and how we can promote the recognition of human equality in an individually, culturally, economically and socially unequal society.

The What’s Up? (German: Läuft bei Dir?) project aims to accompany young people on their way to becoming responsible citizens of society. Through the project they become competent in approaching and actively shaping political discourse within society with a democratic mindset. The basic principles of democracy are simulatively experienced through diverse offerings in order to build empathy for others while promoting competence in media use.

This project was initiated and is financed by the BW Foundation Baden-Württemberg.