Global Ethic Foundation

World Lab - Intercultural Values at Vocational Schools PROJECT

The World Lab takes place at vocational schools and allows students from regular classes to form and recognize intercultural values and live conflict-free together with refugee students. The project aims to train and develop intercultural competence in personal as well as professional contexts.


The project consists of three workshops involving both students and teachers which enable them to find an open, respectful and self-aware mindset and to create a democratic consensus of values.

The students agree together on values to help them live together successfully, and these are put to the test in a work-related student project. The students’ projects become a “laboratory” for peaceful and enriching cooperation and diversity: World Lab hopes to see the agreed-upon values implemented not only in the short term, but also anchored long-term in everyday life at school. At the end of the semester the best two projects from all participating schools are awarded a prize.

Since 2017 the Global Ethic Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg have offered the pilot project World Lab - Intercultural Values at Vocational Schools. The project is sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Engagement Global.