Global Ethic Foundation

World Religions - Universal Peace - Global Ethic EXHIBITION

World Religions - Universal Peace - Global Ethic invites viewers into the fascinating world of religion and to better understand what their ethical messages mean for today’s society. The exhibition gives not only information about and a glimpse into the individual world religions, but also illustrates the core principles and values of the Global Ethic idea.


The thematic framework and focus of the exhibition is the Global Ethic idea: the issue of common ethical values, norms and standards of the world religions and philosophical traditions and their present day meaning. The exhibition includes 15 panels: eight panels introduce the world religions Hinduism, Chinese religions, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and Bahá'í. Two panels illustrate the principle of being humane and the Golden Rule (in religion and philosophy). Four other panels portray the values of non-violence, justice, truthfulness, and partnership and their present day meaning.

The exhibition has been shown worldwide in various languages and versions since 2001. It has been in schools, community centers, churches and educational institutions as well as in banks, town halls, hospitals and other governmental institutions. It has often been shown as part of projects, lecture series and intercultural events.

The exhibition is available in two sizes in English and German. More information can be found here:

Those interested in the exhibition can get in touch here:

Version A

This representative version with large panels is designed in its system and lighting for longer-term presentations and high publicity value. It contains 15 panels + 1 roll display / L banner about the focus and contents of the exhibition.

  • Panel measurements: 155cm / 61 inches high, 96 cm / 38 inches wide
  • The panels are mounted in adjusting elements and either as a whole or in groups combined to form a setting system
  • Measurements of one adjusting element: 200 cm / 79 inches high, 100 cm / 40 inches wide
  • Thickness of one panel: 4 mm / .16 inch

Version A of the exhibition can be rented from the foundation: Rental fee:

  • 1,500 euros (not including transport costs)

Version B

The smaller version is more compact and requires less space than version A. It doesn’t use an adjustment system, rather the panels can be either hung or set up depending on the circumstances. They consist of 16 panels: 15 thematic panels + 1 information panel about the focus and content of the exhibition.

  • Measurements of one panel: 125 cm / 49 inches high, 74.5 cm / 29 inches wide
  • Panel thickness: 3 mm / .12 inch
  • Weight of one panel: approx. 4.5 kg / 10 lbs.

Version B of the exhibition can either be rented or purchased from the foundation:

  • Rental fee: 300 euros (plus transport costs)
  • Purchase price: 2,970 euros